• I have successfully installed Graylog and I receiving syslogs of my firewall but the logs are gibberish and hard to understand, Could I please ask for your help.

    My firewall looks like this full_message

    <189>Jun 16 11:06:46 date=2017-06-16 time=11:06:45 devname=FGT3HD3916803220 devid=FGT3HD3916803220 logid=0000000013 type=traffic subtype=forward level=notice vd=root srcip= srcname="CNMEHTA" srcport=137 srcintf="port1" dstip= dstport=137 dstintf="port3" sessionid=134273516 proto=17 action=deny policyid=0 dstcountry="Reserved" srccountry="Reserved" trandisp=noop service="137_NameService" duration=0 sentbyte=0 rcvdbyte=0 sentpkt=0 appcat="unscanned" crscore=30 craction=131072 crlevel=high devtype="Windows PC" osname="Windows" mastersrcmac=08:ed:b9:68:b4:c1 srcmac=08:ed:b9:68:b4:c1

  • hello, I have successfully installed but showing Graylog could not successfully connect to the Elasticsearch cluster How to fixed this? Thank you for your help.

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