• Thank you very much for the article. Could you please post an article to install Django with Apache on OpenSUSE?

    Thanks, Rashmi

  • Hi there, thank you for really nice tutorial. It is clear everything but i found some problems which I don't know how to solve. I tried to configure server that I can visit webiste directly with IP address or host name without port number as said.

    I added this conf file and i corrected all paths: "/opt/djangoproject/static" to "django/project/static" etc.

    Alias /static /opt/djangoproject/static <br> <Directory /opt/djangoproject/static> <br> Require all granted <br> </Directory><br> <br> <Directory /opt/djangoproject/myfirstproject><br> <Files wsgi.py><br> Require all granted<br> </Files><br> </Directory><br> <br> WSGIDaemonProcess myfirstproject python-path=/opt/djangoproject:/opt/djangoproject/djangoprojectenv/lib/python2.7/site-packages<br> WSGIProcessGroup myfirstproject<br> WSGIScriptAlias / /opt/djangoproject/myfirstproject/wsgi.py

    httpd was restarted, port is allowed and ownership is also set, but nothing happens when i visit vps url as mentioned.

    Any idea what i did wrong?

    ps. my directory /django/ is in root. <br> root<br> - django<br> - ...<br> - etc<br> - ....<br>

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