• Thanks for write this tutorial. I have a question, why did you used Oracle java instead open jdk? The last one is integrated with centos once installed so you don't need to setup environment variables and paths.

    Atte, Marcelo.-

  • Beautiful tutorial, but I need to now turn wildfly 11 into a service, the way it's all I can get it to work across the console, any tips?

  • Diego,

    The daemon stuff is in %JBOSS_HOME%\docs\contrib\scripts\init.d or %JBOSS_HOME%\docs\contrib\scripts\service\service.bat for Windows :-)

    Hitesh, thanks for the step-by-step guide - very useful *

  • Diego, I forgot, probably you meant , %JBOSS_HOME%\docs\contrib\scripts\systemd for a SERVICE :-) See the README

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