• I have a master ( and a slave ( Following your tutorial, my output likes this:


    slave1 none NotReady

    Could you help me find where the problem is? And btw from kubernetes's official doc, minion should also run the etcd. Why do you say that it do not need to run etcd?

  • Really helpful article. Thank you Baldwin.

  • Hi scuxiayiqian,

     I also ran into the issue where minion (slave) got into NotReady state.In my case issue was with the docker version being used.  Check if this helps.

    I found the issue by tailing the logs of kubelet in /tmp. I upgraded my docker using to 1.5.x and minion quickly got into ready state. I upgraded my docker by using these commands http://askubuntu.com/questions/472412/how-do-i-upgrade-docker

    (Im on ubuntu ...) sudo add-apt-repository ppa:docker-maint/testing sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install docker.io

  • @scuxiayiqian Kubernetes is still very early, but in looking at other documents for other distributions I didn't see a clear rationale for having etcd also hosted on the nodes themselves. That needs to be either a service hosted on the master(s) or on its own server. I imagine breaking these services into dedicated components would be dictated by the size of cluster you wish to build.

    @murty.intent Thanks :)

  • Hi Matt,

    I am new to Kubernetes and followed your tutorial to set up a kube master and kube minion. I am trying to set this up on Ubuntu 16.04. A lot has changed with respect to the files and directory structure in the latest Kubernetes release build. I was able to pick up the files that needed copying as instructed by you in the tutorial. The issue that I am facing is that the kube services are not starting for me and also the logs are not being generated for those services in order for me to identify the root cause of the problem. Can you please confirm if the above steps work for the new Kubernetes + Ubuntu 16.04. If not then it would be great if you can please update the tutorial with the steps to successfully set this up on Ubuntu 16.04.

    Thanks, Uday

  • Hey Uday - Yes, this article has drifted from where the Kubernetes project is at now. I cannot confirm that the tutorial will work for 16.04 or not; however, I'll pass this along to the content team and see if we can go about updating the document. If you want to get Kubernetes up and running quickly, though, I would recommend https://stackpoint.io.

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