• Would Sophos be able to create a VPN which would let me avoid the "Great Firewall" on my visit to China later this year? I am currently using 3 VPN services, dependent on location where I am (Freelancer, Digital Nomad) and I am happiest with IPVanish VPN at the moment, but as much as I can see, China is not tolerating VPNs any longer, and Tor is not an option for a long time now :S

    Any idea what I might do to make it working?

  • I don't think Sophos was intended to be used as a "vpn proxy service" such as the 3 you mentioned or at least not something I'm familiar with to accomplish what you're looking for.

  • was worth a try, someone might know what to do... From what Ive read, while being in the big cities I should have no problem using any VPN, since they are tolerating those because of foreign companies. We will see. Thank you for the answer though

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