• This works well ... except now you have to log into your google account and there's an option to turn on "less secure apps" to access your acccount. After I clicked that the mail went through :)

  • Damn this was straightforward. Thank you!

  • For it i not working!Please do help up!

  • worked flawlessly

  • I am getting error: smtp-server: 530 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first. t198sm37250946pgc.33 - gsmtp "/home/usr1/dead.letter" 11/316 . . . message not sent.

    after following all the steps. please help me to resolve it.

  • This is a really useful post, I easily changed the configuration setting of Postfix Relay through Gmail on CentOS 7. I have applied your commands and it's worked perfectly. Thanks for this. Once, I couldn't access the Gmail with Outlook express via IMAP then II got my solution from this link https://www.outlooktechnicalsupportnumbers.com/

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